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CEO Message
We focus on the growth and success in the plasma industry.

Thank you for your interest in SK Plasma.

Established on March 5, 2015, SK Plasma specializes in plasma-derivatives and is a subsidiary of SK Chemicals, an innovative leader in the chemical and life science industries.
The plasma-derivatives business of SK Chemicals has earned a remarkable reputation recently and has achieved strong growth in the export market as well, and SK Plasma was established in order to focus on the core competence of plasma-derivatives and to provide customers with higher quality products and services. SK Plasma is constructing an advanced fractionation/production plant in SK Chemicals Bio cluster situated in Andong, Korea. Commercial production is expected to begin in 2018 to meet the increasing domestic and international demand. Moreover, SK Plasma will use the expanded facilities to boost competitiveness and profitability through the development and commercialization of new value-added products.

SK Plasma shares the mission of SK Chemicals, "We promote human health and protect the environment.", and will accomplish this mission through the plasma-derivatives business by the successful construction of a new plant in Andong, the enhancement of the global market presence, and the development of new products.

CEO Kim Jeong Tai