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Manufacturing Process

Plasma-derived medicines are produced by the processing of human plasma through fractionation, purification, and virus inactivation/removal. Plasma-derived medicines include products such as Albumin, Immunoglobulin, Coagulation Factor, Antithrombin III and so on

Blood/Plasma Donation

Plasma is collected through donation and only plasma units that have passed various tests are used for production.

Plasma Pooling

Plasma units are pooled and additional tests are conducted to ensure safety.

Fractionation/Purification & Virus Inactivation/Removal

It is then processed through fractionation/purification as well as virus removal/inactivation processes to secure the safety of the product.

Finished Product

The finished product is released after the quality of the product is confirmed by final quality control tests.

Plasma-derived medicines

  • Albumin

    Treatment of shock from excessive
    bleeding, burns liver/kidney
    disease, and low plasma
    protein level

  • Immunoglobulin

    Congenital or acquired
    immunoglobulin deficiency, 
    severe infection and treatment
    of autoimmune disease

  • Coagulation Factor

    Coagulation deficiency due
    to external injury or surgery,
    treatment of hemophilia

  • Antithrombin III

    Congenital or acquired
    antithrombin III deficiency

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